Requirement for getting one of my puppies:
1. The dogs aren't allowed to live as kenneldogs, but they need to have permanent contact with their owners/family.
2. Only for experienced dog owners. A Cane Corso is nothing for beginners.
3. You only get a dog after a personal talk. We want to see and get to know the puppy buyer. Very important: We don't sell puppies on the phone!
4. I would prefer a new home with a house and garden. But if you give the dog enough attention and time, it's not a must have!
5. Be sure about, that you will need a lot of time and patience for educating the puppy and for welcoming him home.
6. We don't sell dogs to people younger that 23 years.
7. We will choose the right puppy together. The new dog must fit into his futur family and the other way round. If not there's a risk that the owners as well as the dog aren't  pleased.
Puppies will have full vaccination and will get FCI/VDH/CCI e.V. -Pedigree.
If you consider everything you read here and you can fullfill it 110% then you can contact me for a puppy.
Even if I don't have puppies at the right time, I can help you with finding the right Cane Corso. I have contacts with friendly breeders. But don't forget, even if you buy a puppy from a friendly breeder, you need to fullfill the same requirements.
Of course I'm always available for you after you bought the puppy. I would wish to stay in contact to see the development of the puppies.....