My breeding goal is to breed dogs, which are correct in phenotype, healthy and strong in character, by purposeful and well thought matings.

To reach this goal, it's very important to choose the right studmale for the breeding-allowed female. For this it can often be very helpful to talk with breeder-colleagues and -friends, who keep occupied with this breed for many years and because of this they have a deep knowledge about for example bloodlines, about the choose of the right studmale or ask about their opinion.

Even the best dog has it's faults, by the right mating you should try to compensate these faults as best as you can. Of course this often doesn't happen during the first generation, but it's only possible step by step. In the perfect case, I want to breed with my own litter-offsprings to follow this way in long-term.
At the same time, it's very important to import the right puppies/dogs and not save any costs and efforts to extend the own genpool and to create the basic of the own breeding program.
Unfortunately a lot of confusing about the appearance of the Cane Corso by "pseudo" breeders arose during the last years. Because of this it got very difficult for many people to recognize a real Cane Corso. By my work with this breed I try to counteract this step by step. 

I try my best to support people who are interested in this breed and future puppy-buyers and to bring them closer to this wonderful breed. 


If you have any questions about my kennel, breeding program, puppies or the breed Cane Corso, don't hestitate to ask them.