About me

My name is Alexandra, I'm 32 years old and I'm living in the beautiful town called Jossgrund in Hessen. Since I'm a little child, we had dogs from a shelter. But very soon my passion for dogs, breeds and shows raised. So my family and I we visited some shows and breeders of different breeds.  
I always wished for a dog, which I had since puppy age. 2008 I moved to Karlsruhe to study Biology. During my studying I learned a lot about genetics. Unfortunately at that time it wasn't possible for me to have a dog. But when I moved back home in 2012, it became very clear, that I want to share my life with a dog again. And finally in 2014 this dream became true....

So after many years of searching for the right breed and dog, I decided in May 2014 that it will be a Cane Corso. 
I read a lot about this breed and it was obvious very fast, that the character as well as the appearance of the Cane Corso is the right choice. This was one of the best choices in my life and I never regret this decision because this breed became an absolutley passion for me.

In June 2014 my first Cane Corso moved in - Torre. Because of Torre I became a part of the "Dogshow-World" and I kept busy with this wonderful breed and the topic of breeding. So I decided that I want a second Cane Corso and I started to look for the right one. In Summer 2017 after 2 years of searching, Gianna joined Torre and me. I never planned to take an adult female. But from the first second they met, Torre and Gianna were the perfect team. So when I got the offer from Gianna's owner to keep her, I immediately aggreed. At that point, thanks a lot to her "old" owner, for giving me the trust and opportunity to start my breeding with this beautiful and correct female.

In the last 4 years I felt more and more in love with this breed. And very soon it became obvious, that I want to contribute my own part to preserve this wonderful breed. 

Since I have Torre I visited a lot of shows and traveled abroad, so because of this I made my own opinion about the dogs there. Unfortunately most of them are very different. So it's very sad, that there are still very often total different types of dogs of this breed. Many of them look more like a Boxer or Bullmastiff. I hope in future, there will be one common line, so that someone who doesn't know the breed as well as someone who has a lot of knowledge can see this is 100% Cane Corso.

At the 18th November 2017 Gianna Custodi Nos passed her official breeding permission. In February 2018 I got the official lincense for my nursery and since then I'm an official breeder at CCI/VDH/FCI. With my breeding program I try to breed Cani Corso, which are correct in phenotype, with strong temperament and healthy. 

"Of course you can live without a dog - but it's not worth it." 
(Heinz Rühmann)